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How Word Count Helps in SEO


We have seen many uses of word count tool one of them is blogging. If you are a blogger then you should know the importance of word count in the field of blogging. Many newbie bloggers don’t know the basics of SEO and lost to write long post and result in the loss of ranking. According to some studies it has been proved that word counting is important when you are writing your post. Initially you will find yourself difficult in writing long post but after some time it will be easy for you.

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Mostly pages ranking on google at first position has more than 1000+ word because google think long articles contain more information than short one therefore these posts are able to achieve high ranking. According to yoast every blogger should write article of more than 300+ word post it is ideal length of a post. Google never disclose ideal length of post for good SEO but for high competitive keywords you should write post of more than 3000 words it is according to my experience. I have never seen any post ranking on high competitive keyword at first position just having 100+ words.

When writing long articles don’t repeat same words or same thing in another words. Because it will irritate your users and they will leave your site in some seconds and never come back to your site. When writing long articles always try to collect more and more information about the topic and never force yourself to write more when your heart says it’s enough to stop now. I am in SEO for some years still struggling to being pro but my experience are enough to advice a newbie in field of blogging. So that was all i want to tell you in this post see you in my next upcoming post.

How Word Count Helps in Digital Marketing


Whenever you write article on online platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc. you have to keep your post length in limit so that it fall in minimum and maximum range of words. Every writer have to face word count limit to publish their article on these platforms also keeping in mind that it deliver reliable informations in a specific number of words, characters or letters. In digital marketing, you need to submit articles on reputed websites in order to increase the online visibility of your business.

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Some tips for writing appropriate length and quality post are

  • If you write a post of about 300 words then it should provide information which is expected from a short post means you have to deliver summary of whole post. Select those words which expresses your topic in best possible way.
  • Build your brand because branding always help in long run. If you are writing for a brand then people will easily trust you so use eye catching keywords in your post.
  • Write┬álengthy only if you can maintain the effectiveness till the end. It should not sound like same meaning with different words. To keep track the length of the contents you can use a word count tool.
  • If you can maintain your readers until the last word then you can say you are a successful writer. Therefore try not to mix up the topic and talk only about important ponts which is helpful for your readers.
  • If you are writing for a blog then not only write for google also write for your readers. Google also says don’t write for google write for your users. If you follow this point then you are gonna rock man.

So this is my advice for you. I know these tips are not enough but are worthy for a beginner in digit marketing. If you love this post then why are you waiting share it now.

What Should Be Ideal Length of Blog Post


When writing a blog post you should consider number of words used in your post. Do you know many of us don’t care about word count while writing a blog post which is not a good habit. To optimize our blog post for both SEO and users we should keep a optimum ratio of words in our post. In this post i will let you know what should be ideal length of blog post.

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Generally length of blog post is determined by the topic on which you are writing. If you are writing on a short topic then word length should not exceed the reading limit on the other hand when you are writing on a long topic then word count should also be high so that user will spent more time on your site. If you don’t follow this rule then user will not read your post more than few seconds. For SEO you should write content more than 300 words because this is good rule of SEO and post is also liked by good as well as users. According to google you should write post in natural way don’t write it for google write it for your users.

Writing long post does not mean you will rank high on search engine only those article is ranked which is good in all aspect of SEO factor. According to a study people reads only 20% to 28% of the content that shows quality matters more than word length. Write post which increase user engagement rate not bounce rate of your blog. Gather more and more information about the topic on which you are writing, it will increase post word count also the engagement rate of users. You can use our word counter tool to count content words. Also remember the starting paragraph of your post should be attractive and contain targeted keywords it is good for both SEO and users.