Word Counter: Hey friends i wish you all are well and enjoying your life with full of joy. I am here to introduce you with my online free word counter tool. Many of us need a word counter tool in our daily life which can count total words in our post, article, essay etc. whatever you say. If you go with counting words manually you may find it most difficult task because it’s a time consuming task so here word counter tool comes in rescue to save your time and effort. This is very powerful tool to count total words in your article. This tool give instant result means as you paste the words in the counter box at the same time word counter start counting the total words and gives the total words result in less than one second.

Word Counter Tool

This word counter tool has very basic design because some people feel uncomfortable to use complex design so to overcome this problem i have kept the design very basic. You just need to paste the words in the counter box and your work is done just click on count word to see the total words in your post. This tool is completely free for life so bookmark our site to visit our site directly from your browser.

word counter

How Word Counter Tool Work ?

This tool is very basic to use you just need to paste the words in the box to calculate total words and click on Get Word Count button to see total words in post. Now those days are gone when you to download software to count words this tool does not require you to install any software or extension. It is completely online tool. You just need a browser to access our tool now you can calculate as many words as you want.

Why to use Word Counter ?

Many of you wanted to know why word counter is important ? Why we need to count the word. If you are not familiar with word count let me first explain you what is it, word count simply means that the total number of words present in your document or passage. Sometime it is require to keep the words in certain limit in cases of academia, legal proceedings, journalism and advertisement but we can’t calculate so much of words manually therefore we need a word counter tool which will count the words automatically in this situation our word counter helps people to count total words. Often translator use word counter tool to determine the price. Sometime word counter tool is also used to check readability and typing speed. In writing novel, story, poem, speech, essay, article, letter word counting is important to keep the words in limit so it’s looks natural.

Let’s take an example if you are writing novel the words will be more than 80,000 or if you are writing magazine article it should be around 1,000. Some short stories range between 1000-8000 words on the other hand some long stories range between 20,000 to 30,000.  Some novels are written in more than 100,000 words and some novels are written in more than 100,000 words like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which is 257,000 words long, isn’t is amazing ? Let’s assume you are writing a story not longer than 5,000 words then some people will find your story interesting because of short words but some people will prefer to read long stories therefore they will not read your story it shows word counting is also important in deciding right audience.

You can also use word counter to count words when writing against some common web standards like twitter, google meta description, a good facebook post etc. If you are blogger then also you need word counter to count the total words in your post because google ranking also depend on the length of your post as per SEO rules. It shows how word counter is important in our daily life.

What Should be Word Count for Readers ?

Now many of you wanted to ask me what should be the word count for readers ? As i said earlier first of all you will have to understand the interest of your audience which you are targeting for your business. Some audience will love love to read 1000 words, some will 2000, 3000, 40000, 5000 and so on but you will have to analyze all the targeted audience and see what majority of audience like. If some of your audience love to read 20,000 words and some audience love 30,000 then you should write around 25,000 words. I think now you are getting my point what i want to say. If you do not follow the interest of your audience then you will loose your business soon.

How to Write Long Article for Audience ?

Now you have to two choices as per audience whether write a long article or a short one. Writing short article is not a difficult task just summarize the story and tell them. But the difficult task is to write a long article when you don’t know how to write so long. This problem is faced by many peoples even it happens with me when i write article for my readers. Don’t worry there is a quick solution for this problem you just have to collect more and more information for your topic in short i say you will have to expand your knowledge about which you are going to write. If you don’t have enough information about the topic you will find difficult to write long article but when you have so many things to say you will automatically start writing long articles. If you don’t have enough information although you are forcing yourself to write long then you feel uncomfortable from inside also your readers will feel bored when reading your article.

Why to Choose Our Word Counter Tool ?

We have discussed much about word counter importance but we have not discussed why only us ? because there is so many word counter tools are available on internet. First of all our tool is freely available on internet and anyone can access to this tool from worldwide. You will not have to install any extension or software to count words you just need a browser to access our site and you can count as many words as you want there is no limit. The design of this tool is very simple so that it will easy to use even for a kid.